6 figures in 5 months

AGAIN! This is not affiliate marketing!


My name is Loke and I am a digital marketer. I started as a freelancer with many skills, but I wasn’t making money. I tried selling things online, but still, no sales were coming in. This happened repeatedly, and I understand the frustration of having skills and products to sell, but no one is buying.

Last year, I decided to change my approach and learned how to sell. I didn’t just learn how to sell, but I also learned how to sell any ideas, be it skills or products. This newfound knowledge made me fall in love with all my skills, as they now bring in more money than I expected.

I made over 2.5 million Naira using just Facebook ads, a skill I learned while learning how to sell. I not only used it to sell my fashion products but also helped others set it up to bring in more sales for their businesses. I have helped numerous companies generate more sales than they ever expected, but that’s not the focus today.

The point is, I understand that no matter how great your product is, no matter how many problems it solves, if you don’t put it out there for people to see, nobody will know about your existence, let alone buy from you.

That’s why I’ll be showing only 50 people how to sell more of their ideas. I’m doing this to help a lot of businesses thrive. If there are more than 50 applicants, I don’t want it. And I’ll make the process a little bit difficult so that only serious-minded individuals will complete the application.

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