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Want To Sell Better? Here’s How a Company Sold Cigarette and Made Billions

Not all businesses will excel in the face of a tough economic cloud, but why should yours not profitably step ahead of others? This piece actually changed some business owners’ narratives, even in the deadly face of COVID-19 pandemic.

Read and consider NOT ONLY running a business, but also sharing a golden testimony after running a successful one. The story of one of the earliest most successful campaign ever carried out in history — BLOW SOME MY WAY . 

Are you afraid your business might fail? Or it’s not making enough money?

Then give me fifteen minutes and I will tell you exactly what you need to do.
In the early 1920s, research emerged that showed that tobacco could cause significant health damage to the body.

As the hordes of research piled up on the front pages of newspapers and smokers began to abandon their smoking habits, the cigarette industry faced an existential threat: complete extinction.

Their revenues nosedived and smokers began to develop a chronic aversion to cigarettes. By the time the dust settled, cigarette producers had lost a substantial number of customers, potential customers included.

In response, a leading cigarette brand, Chesterfield, consulted an advertising agency.
On the recommendation of the advertising agency, a mass marketing campaign was launched to open up a new market for an entirely different category of people who have never smoked before, namely — women.

The campaign, which ran in a video ad across TV stations, was tagged “Blow Some My Way.”
This simple ad changed the entire perception of what people thought about women smoking.

And that’s the first most important message of this post: advertising is all about perception.
How potential customers see your brand determines whether they will buy it at all, or whether they will pay you the amount that you want them to pay.

Now to continue, the presentation of this single ad marks the beginning of how women began to smoke in the world without fear or shame.
Now if you don’t understand the message, let me break it down for you.

Three problems have been solved here:- The cigarette industry was reopened- An entirely new set of customers were brought in.- The market base has just been expanded beyond its former limitations.

In those days when it was socially and morally unacceptable for women to smoke, just four words cleverly put together by an advertiser re-launched a dying industry and turned it into a money-making machine.

And that’s the power of a single ad, DONE CORRECTLY.

Would you like your business to shoot up from where it was to a new level?

Have you prepared a good product that you think it’s not giving you the expected return?

Or maybe you have invested so much in your business, but all the same, you are not getting the right patronage?

Or do you have a business idea already, but you are just so afraid no one will buy it?

Now, look no further. Answer the following questions and if any of these happen to be the stage your business is in, you may want to talk to us.
Is it that your customers don’t know they have a problem and that’s preventing them from seeing the need to buy your solution?

Do your customers know they have a problem but they do not know that a solution exists?

Do your customers know that a solution exists but they don’t know whether to choose your product or to bypass you and go to your competitors?

Have your customers seen too many businesses like yours that they now think you are not different from them?

Are your customers well aware of your product and only want more specifications before they can buy it from you?

If, as a business owner, you have been struggling to keep your head above water, then you are in one of these stages and we are here to help.

We are an ethical and professional advertising agency and we always pride ourselves on our ability to deliver results; results which you can trace and follow through every step of the way — not whitewash pieces of information.

Exactly to what sets us apart in the game of marketing.

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We are always happy to help Nigerian businesses.

 Bukola Ibrahim,


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